The Dilemma of the Real Estate Better Offer (sometimes known as “Cash Buyer”)

Breaking News!  There is a dilemma which pervades the real estate business with no known remedy and it is called “The Better Offer Dilemma” (hereinafter “BOD”).  This dilemma sends buyers into a whirlwind and causes them to feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  The blame for the BOD often times falls on the buyer’s agent, the listing agent, the owner and even God.  The real recipient of the blame rightly belongs to the party that caused the BOD; commonly known as “The Better Offer Offenders” (hereinafter “BOOS”).  BOOS are recognized by their uncanny ability to make cash offers, to not require the sale of their primary residence before closing, to not need a significant amount of time to close, and last but not least, to have few or no contingencies.  The nerve of these BOOS.  They surely are to blame when your offer is not accepted, much like a runner who wins a race is to blame for crossing the finish line before the other runners.


“Leaving Las Vegas” and Other Departures

Last week I left Las Vegas (a.k.a. my real estate brokerage firm) where I had spent my first two years as a New Jersey Realtor clinging to the hope that I might in spite of all the red lights (commonly called red flags but keeping with the Vegas theme) obtain the secrets of the “Upper Crust” of the real estate industry. The crust threw me crumbs and I finally crumbled.  There is a give and take that is required in relationships which includes work relationships that goes beyond commissions.  Suddenly I was reminded by the small, still voice that I am free and responsible for my choices.  I freed myself from self-deception and broke out of the trap I had set for myself.  Now safely on the other side of state lines (i.e., having transferred my license to another brokerage), I must face a fear bigger than change… sitting for the dreaded mug shot, I mean head shot for my new business cards.

Available Rentals – Cats and Dogs Need Not Apply

Pets have become a huge obstacle to securing a rental property.  Blame is falling on the breed due to the bad deed and often size matters.   These cute, tail-wagging charmers are contributing to the deprivation of the security of a home and many people who do not own homes own pets.  Homelessness is sometimes caused by lack of affordable housing but client who receive Section 8 assistance are being turned away because of their pets.   Might it be time for landlords to make a change and welcome dogs and cats?   Surely, there would be plenty of takers.  Landlords hear many outrageous tales about pets destroying property (what else are people going to recount, a fabulous experience renting to a pet owner – boring?)   Fortunately, attitudes can shift and smart apartment companies have made pet accommodations the norm.   Please consider a furry tenant.  They will love you for it unconditionally.

The Real Bullies of Real Estate and Other Cowardly Villians

Nothing is more obnoxious than the grown up bully, especially one that holds a managerial position or other position of small authority.  In the field of real estate, in my experience, these people are the broker/owners or listing agents.  Nasty, noncommunicative types.  They would rather take the time to pluck out the words “see my listing notes for showing instructions” (which is a lot to text) than say “yes” or “no” to the simple question: “is there a lockbox on the property?”  OMG, get over yourself.  Bullying is a behavior that is repeated and habitual and something that one does not easily grow out of.   Coming from a position of genuine strength, I have been enjoying my interactions with these “Real Bullies of Real Estate”, as they are easily shaken when they do not receive the response they are hoping for, which usually is submission.  Their behavior sometimes stems from a lack of self esteem and they become energy vampires, sucking up reactions from others in order to feel better about themselves.  The sad part is that the world applaudes this type of behavior and they are often found in power positions.  Not surprisingly, as bulling usually takes place with the established rules and policies of an organization.

The Real Estate Beauty & The Contractor Beast

The Real Estate Beauty (hereinafter after referred to as “Beauty“) met the Contractor Beast (hereinafter referred to as “Beast“) while doorknocking in an attempt to list and sell real estate.  The Beauty hired the Beast to rebuild a concrete porch and to construct a cement walkway at her castle for $5,330.00.  One day the Beast called the Beauty saying that his Beastlets (a/k/a employees) had made unauthorized charges of $12,000 to his AMEX card.  The Beast pulled at his hair and requested from Beauty final payment in advance of completion of work.  Beauty vehemently denied the Beast his request.  The Beast begged, pleased, harassed and even shed tears in his quest for final payment.  The Beauty, being a true Beauty, succumbed out of kindness and charity.  The Beast quickly retreated into the wilderness never to be seen again.   In a strange twist of fate, the Beauty became the Beast and filed a Small Claims suit to the tune of $3,000.00 for breach of contract  and to cover the cost to complete the job.  The Beast remained elusive and a default judgment was entered.  The Beauty realized she would look good driving the Beast mobile and since the Beast did not make restitution she sent the Beast notification of such revelation.  Then the Beast, being true to his nature, stood on his hind legs, pounded his chest, howled at the moon and… crawled to the nearest police station where he reported the Beauty for “bothering him” or something along those lines.  Poor pathetic Beast he did not know the true nature and strength of the kind Beauty.  The Beauty looks forward to showing her clients property and cruising around in the Beastmobile.   I am woman hear me roar!